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Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt 

Oil resistant conveyor belt is used in greasy situations, conveying oily materials such as mineral oil, vegetable oil, animal fat, organic solvent in food processing plants or chemical factory.
1. Made of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)
2. Greatly improved weather resistance
3. Reduced distensibility, protracted life span
4. Special OEM chemical prescription for different requirement
Standards: MOR (medium oil resistant), OR (oil resistant)

  • MOR belts are used in the situations which are not very critical, outside area; only require certain oil resistance grade.
  • OR belts are used in the highly greasy plants especially inside, which requires a very high oil resistance grade.

Oil Resistance Technical Data


 Operating Temperature

 Suitable Oil Type

Oil Resistance Data (72 hrs)



Mineral oil, organic solvent

distensibility ≤20%



Vegetable oil, aninal fat

 distensibility ≤5%

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